At Love Life Matters we specialise in Relationships, Couple and Marriage Counselling, Mentoring, Seminars, Workshops and Men’s Work.

Couples Counselling and Mentoring
We do not generalise in Counselling and Mentoring at Love Life Matters. We are experienced and equipped to focus on your relationship as a couple. Relationship Counselling and Mentoring is very different to Counselling or Mentoring an individual. It is a different skill and not all counsellors or psychologists are trained for couples work. With a couple, we work almost entirely on the couple/relationship energy/issues and not the separate energy and issues of the two people in front of us. This means that there are no set rules for how a relationship should work as this is the responsibility of the couple. Although we will draw on research done over 30 years to provide information on what has been shown to work for couples living in a western culture, particularly in Australia.

We at Love Life Matters are passionate and dedicated about helping you to have a relationship that is rewarding, fulfilled, and full of passion and love. We always start off in a relationship with great intentions full of passion and romance. Whether that was 30 or 40 years ago or just 12 months ago, we can help you to regain that aliveness again. All relationships can go through rough patches and in most cases this is a normal human process of the stages of love, emotional connection and disconnection. Also the stresses of life – work-finances-children-sickness-death-affairs-domestic violence-mental illness-trauma-pornography-the “empty nest” and many other stresses can also have an impact on your relationship. Most of us do not set out to have conflict and disagreements, we don’t set out to have power struggles, communicate ineffectively or lose emotional connection. We will help you to find the core of what is not working in your relationship and support and mentor you through these issues with compassion, empathy and instruction. You will get homework to do between sessions as this is important for the reconciliation and growth of your relationship.

You will be surprised after a few sessions and doing your homework, the relationship starts to get back on track and you start feeling connected again. Do not underestimate the importance and necessity of emotional connection in a relationship and also the sexual connection. These are vital for a relationship even in your later years in life. We at Love Life Matters also understand that some relationships need to end for many different reasons and if this is the case we can help you separate amicably. In any relationship breakdown, emotions can be strong and reactive and in the emotional reaction it can be destructive and very hurtful in the intensity. We can help you to minimise the intensity of the emotions so you can both navigate through the separation.

Relationship Seminars 
Love Life Matters Seminars FREE

These free 2.5 hour seminars will provide information and discussion about understanding your “Love Languages” and also help you to understand the dynamics that play out in intimate couple relationships. You will also find out how the brain works in relationships and what needs weren’t met in childhood want to be met in your love relationship. Knowing this information can be a helpful and positive influence on your relationship.
These seminars are for singles or couples and you will not be asked to share anything you do not want to. The seminar is information and discussion only. Available every 3 weeks in Tweed Heads and soon on the Gold Coast.

Next seminars 

: 16th March, 13th April, 3rd May, 8th June, 6th July  (6.00 – 8.30 NSW time) Call or SMS now to register (0449 557399). Also contact us through the contact page.

Relationship Workshops

At the Love Life Matters Workshops, you will experience the 3 vital elements of a blissful loving relationship.

You will learn how to set yourself up for success in your relationship, communicate more intimately and establish respectful sensual and sexual bonding. 


You will possibly need counselling, mentoring or attend a one or two day workshop to start to make changes. The Love Life Matters couple’s workshops will be more interactive and experiential than the Love Life Matters seminars and offer an opportunity for couples to have education and interaction with each other in a safe and respectful environment. The couples will be given information about connecting with each other and then dialogue processes that will be practiced with each couple at the workshop. The couple will then go away with these tools/processes to continue to practice at home every week to help and create closer connection with each other.

Men’s Counselling/Mentoring and Groups
Love Life Matters is also offering men’s Counselling/Mentoring and Groups that will cover the Emotional and Sexual aspects of a love relationship and marriage. We will also address the Gender Stereotyping that happens in our culture/society and start to “unpack” how Gender Stereotyping is no longer helpful for men and women in relationship and also men and women in same sex relationships.

At Love Life Matters we offer Relationship, Couples and Marriage Counselling, Seminars and Workshops and cover the Tweed and Gold Coast .
We also offer Skype Counselling for Couples that are not able to attend sessions in Tweed Heads.