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 Stages in an Intimate Love Relationship.

Relationships go through stages as they grow to maturity and real love. Do you identify where you are at? Romantic Love – The initial attraction and bonding. There is hope, ecstasy and infatuation. This stage seems real but it is based on lots of hormones and is unreal but necessary. Next is Conflict and Power Struggle – This is also a necessary stage and can bring disillusionment, frustration, anger, impasse and expectations. This is growth and healing trying to happen. Then comes the Re-commitment stage, providing  that the relationship doesn’t end in the power struggle. This is the time for a new decision to see the relationship as a growth and healing journey. Next comes Doing the Work stage where the couple learns to communicate effectively and listen actively. There is openness and honesty and both validate and show empathy for each other. Next is Awakening and Real love where there is awareness of self and partner. It is exciting and with joyful relaxation with full aliveness, safety, passion and knowledge. There is great acceptance for each other and the relationship is much deeper than the initial romantic stage. This helpful information provided by relationship specialist Robert J Grimes. Ph: 0449 557399 or visit

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