Relationship Couples Counselling Gold Coast and Tweed Heads


Intimate Relationships and Gender Social Conditioning.

I my couples counselling, I see all the time how our social and cultural conditioning of being a man or woman, impacts negatively on relationships. Also there is a lot of talk about the masculine and the feminine and that certain feelings or behaviours are associated with being a man or a woman. We have been taught how to feel or behave as a man or woman and it is passed down from generation to generation. The days of men having to be tough and stoic and women to be gentle and soft have ended in our society. As they say, the only constant in life is change and as we know technology is one of those rapid changes. How we relate in intimate love relationships has also changed. As a man or a woman we need to be more emotionally attuned overall and change our behaviour if we are to survive in a relationship. Women need to learn to be tough and stoic as well as soft and gentle and men need to be also soft and gentle as well as tough and stoic. 

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