Are You Accepting Love into Your Relationship



Are You Accepting Love Into Your Relationship

Before we can have a truly wonderful, open-hearted, totally intimate relationship with another person, we need to be able to fully enjoy and receive love and appreciation when it’s given to us.  More people struggle with receiving love than they do with giving it. Our need to constantly do, manage, control and protect, ends up getting in our way of fully enjoying and savouring the gift of someone else’s affection and admiration. And sometimes, our past experiences have conditioned us not to let in all the love we want. There are two main blockers to accepting love into your relationship. Not Being Present. Being present is an incredibly challenging mindset to foster these days. There are ever-ringing smartphones, hungry children, work deadlines, doctor’s appointments, causing our mind to constantly race to manage and plan ahead. Not Loving Yourself. When we believe, deep down, that we aren’t worthy of love, then it’s impossible for us to find genuine love, and create true intimacy with our partner. This helpful information provided by relationship specialist Robert J Grimes. Ph: 0449 557399 or visit (see add this page for free relationship seminar)

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