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Free Seminar


In our Relationship Seminar, we put together the best of the best, of our combined 40+ years of knowledge, experience and expertise, about how to create a loving a lasting relationship.

In One Evening You Will Learn:

 * How to create a LOVING and LASTING relationship.

 * A simple process to handle conflict and emotions.

 * The 5 ways of showing love to your partner.

 * How to understand the power dynamics.

 * The 4 warning signs that destroy a relationship.

 * The paradigm shift for relationships to thrive.

 * How to avoid getting stuck in Stage 3 of relationship cycle (where unfortunately up to 80% couples stay).

 * And much more…

We guarantee you’ll walk away with a fresher perspective on your current relationship – and provide information to turn whatever situation you’re in, into a positive and loving one. 

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