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Ways to Create a Better Relationship

Let go of the idea that love is something that just happens. Openly reach out to your partner and ask for their attention or affection. When you feel uncertain or worried, just mention this to your partner and take their hand. See if you can notice some times when you find openness hard and you become defensive or distant or shut down. Reflect on how you and your partner usually interact. Try to talk with your partner about how you impact each other. When you get in a fight, take a deep breath and try to see the fight as if you are looking in from the outside. Invite your partner into more closeness by showing empathy. Take a quiet moment, tune into the emotions and see if you can share with your partner what you need most. Be mindful that emotional wounds impact relationships. Know that the best recipe for great sex is safe emotional connection. Talk about what you learned in your family of origin about how to deal with emotions. Tell each other your main goal for the next year and support each other to reach it. Honour your connection and create small rituals to recognise your bond. This information provided by Robert J Grimes, Relationship Specialist. Ph: 0449 557399 

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