Relationship Counselling

Many people come to us because communication has become a struggle and often the respect is lacking. You become frustrated, irritated even have emotional outbursts, because you can’t get through to your partner what you need. It seems like you are on different pages, perhaps even a different book.

You even get triggered over trivial things that are not even related to the real issue. You feel disconnected and wonder if you are doing this all alone.

You have done your best, talked things through, and hope things will get better, and they may for a while, but the same problem resurfaces again and again.

You wonder if you have ‘fallen out of love’, and now you are at your wits end. You want change, and you want it now, as you cannot keep doing this over and over.

You are here looking for help, because you’ve had enough and don’t know who to turn to. You have tried other solutions, but they haven’t worked.

You have probably tried – reading a book, but didn’t find the exact information you needed. You may have been searching the internet for someone whom you think will understand, but not sure where to start. You may have spoken with your friends, but they seem to have the same problems or didn’t give you any useful advice.

You have tried sitting down and discussing it together… and we know how well that one went, because it just ended up going in circles having the same fight as before. Or, you have been ignoring each other and hope it goes away… but darn it, it doesn’t go away and it just keeps ‘eating’ at you.

Firstly, you want to know if your relationship is salvageable or not, and have a clear pathway moving forward. You are wanting to feel heard in your communication. You deeply desire respect, intimacy and connection.

This is where our expertise lies, and we can help.

Relationship Counselling

Many people come to us because communication has become a struggle and often the respect is lacking.

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The Counselling Process

You may never before, reached out for relationship counselling and chances are you are feeling scared and unsure how it all works. You may just be researching possibilities right now. You may be feeling afraid to approach your partner about seeking professional help. Perhaps you are unsure if you should attend a session or two by yourself first.

We at Love Life Matters, assure you complete and total confidence and privacy in helping you through your delicate situation. We work with many diverse couples and individuals from all walks of life who are different types of relationships – heterosexual, same sex, monogamous, polyamorous, and LBGTIQA+.

If you would like your questions answered, or wish to book a counselling session, all you need to do is contact us is by clicking on the button below, or give us a call, and we are here to help. If, or when you are ready, we will arrange a mutually suitable time for you (and your partner if they are willing) to come into our office personally or be on a Zoom or Skype (online apps to connect privately) session.

At your counselling session, you will be greeted with the utmost empathy and understanding. We will ask you about your concerns and what your needs are. You didn’t get into this predicament overnight, so realistically you can expect to have 3-6 sessions before you feel you have made progress and learnt some different strategies so you can move forward with ease and clarity, either together, or apart.

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Case Study

Joan & Ken

Joan and Ken had already done a fair bit of personal development work, but they had a reoccurring problem that kept coming back. Jen felt each time she wanted to have a conversation, it ended up in an argument. Ken had a pretty stressful job and would come home tired, exhausted and sometimes angry. The last thing he wanted to do was talk. All he wanted to do was sit down and have a quiet beer or two. Joan having been home all day with the children, felt unappreciated and wanted to connect with Ken.

Katie & Ron

Katie and Ron were having conflict with what they valued as being important.

They worked together in the same business and had moved in together. Ron had 4 children to his first wife and he endeavoured to spend as much time as he could with his children, which meant he would spend a fair bit of time at his ex-wife’s house.

Katie understood Ron’s desire to spend time with his children, and she was happy to accompany him with the children. Katie and his ex-wife got along well in a social setting. What Katie didn’t understand was Ron’s reluctance to include her with his children.


“Working with Love Life Matters has helped me discover more about myself, my partner and better our relationship. Before starting with Robert & Foxxy my partner and I were having trouble communicating which caused us to have regular disagreements. It was very frustrating. Our counselling sessions have been a big factor in improving our communication and our relationship. I can confidently say there is more love, patience and acceptance in our relationship now.”

-Emma Patterson