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About Us


Foxxy & Robert J

The Relationship Healing Specialists

Creating more harmony in the world, one couple at a time.
We are passionate about helping couples to rekindle and enrich their love-life in the areas of commitment, communication, emotional connection, sexual intimacy, dealing with conflict and crisis.

You see, we feel our coming together in 2016 was not by chance, but for a greater purpose than ourselves.  We have a common vision and mission… which is to create more harmony in the world by helping and mentoring couples of all genders, races and beliefs, who are in a love relationship.
Your love relationship is where it starts.  Without harmony in the home… how can there be harmony in the family?… how can there be harmony in the community?… let alone, harmony in countries?  We believe your love relationship is the best place to ‘heal and grow’ and experience how wonderful life can be.

There is only ONE universal law that works… and that is LOVE.

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Robert J Grimes

Relationship counsellor, psychotherapist (reg. PACFA), educator, facilitator and affectionally known as the ‘couple whisperer’.

Robert overcame depression and suicidal thoughts as a teenager and learnt what not to do through three marriages.  He then went on to build a successful relationship counselling practice and find the partner of his dreams in both love and business.

Robert has been interviewed and quoted in radio, magazine and newspaper articles.  He is passionate about expelling the myths around masculinity and femininity and believes gender differences are largely constructed through cultural/social conditioning and primal instinctual urges.

Whilst working as a self-employed electrician, he discovered his natural gift of intuitively working with the energy of a couple with great empathy, compassion and understanding.  After his first marriage ended he went on to study many different models of relationship counselling, including Imago Therapy, Emotion Focussed Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Attachment Theory, Gender Reconciliation and John Gottman.

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Foxxy Eleoyze

Relationship Coach, Intuitive Facilitator, Performance Consultant and NLP Trainer.

Foxxy is passionate about helping women and men to connect on an authentic deep level.  She uses her expertise of unquenchable artistic expression to awaken people to a fuller understanding of themselves at a core level.

She believes the key gateway to a richly rewarding deep loving relationship is being truly connected first to self.  She integrates her life experiences and background, along with her extensive research and study into personal-development, communication, spirituality, and how the mind-body-spirit works, into all that she does.

Up until meeting Robert, Foxxy had been educating and empowering women to develop more confidence, self-love and self-esteem, through her workshops.  She is now in the process of aligning her work with the work of Robert J Grimes, her new business and life partner.