About Robert J Grimes & Foxxy Eleoyze


Robert J Grimes understands the complexities of intimate couple love relationships through his own personal experience of what works and what doesn’t work. He has made mistakes in his relationships and has learnt from this. He has also done extensive training and continues to attend training in couples and relationship counselling. You will find Robert to be authentic and honest when working with you. Many people have said that just being with Robert’s calming energy brings understanding, awareness and change about them self and their relationship.

Robert is a counsellor and psychotherapist who is registered with The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). Robert works from many different models of couples counselling including Imago Relationship Therapy, Emotion Focussed Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Attachment Theory, Gender Reconciliation and the work of John and Julie Gottman.

Robert also works intuitively with couples to get to the core of the relationship issue or to enhance the relationship. He works compassionately and sensitively to help the couple bring about change to their relationship. Robert will “whisper” into the couple energy so you will “see” yourself and also “see” each other. He has a powerful and yet gentle presence while working with couples.

He understands gender differences through cultural/social conditioning and primal instinctual urges. He has had to work through his own gender cultural issues to be more emotionally attuned to understand his own Anger, Sadness, Fear and Shame as well as his own Happiness, Joy, Excitement and Ecstasy. He continues to learn from his own intimate relationship and is challenged regularly to grow more in emotional attunement, empathy and understanding of himself and his partner.



Foxxy Eleoyze is passionate about encouraging women and men to embrace who they truly are by helping them free their authentic personal expression through inspiration, education, working with energy and physical movement.  She believes this is the key gateway to a richly rewarding deep loving relationship.  She integrates her life experience and background along with her extensive research and study into personal-development, spirituality, energy-work and how the mind works, into all that she does.

Up until meeting Robert (June 2016) Foxxy had been educating and empowering women to learn self-love and develop self-esteem, through her workshops.  She is now in the process of aligning her work with the work of Robert J Grimes her new business and life partner.

Foxxy is a Master Results Coach, Intuitive Facilitator, Performance Consultant, Energy Worker and NLP Trainer.


What others say:

“Foxxy has extensive life experience, knowing and having lived her talk. She has an encouraging and positive manner.  She is accommodating to every individual and had an ability to relate to all different people.” – K.D.

“Foxxy is the real deal. A woman of rare experience she understands and embodies the spirit of the sensual woman who is playful, sensual, intuitive and wise. It just oozes out of her and flows into her participants, lifting them easily into previously unseen parts of themselves.”-  A.B.