Individual Therapy

Are you having difficulty with past or present issues with yourself, or dealing with your partner? This could be addictions, affairs, porn, low self-esteem or anxiety. Perhaps you feel you have ‘fallen out of love’ and your relationship is not what it used to be.

You may be feeling… it’s your fault or issue. Or your partner told you it is your problem and to go and get it ‘fixed’, and they may even threaten to leave you, if you don’t.

Perhaps, you know it is not all your fault, but you are willing to step up and take responsibility for your part. You know it needs to begin with someone.


You have done your best, and hope things will get better, and they may for a while, but the same problem resurfaces again and again. Now you’re tired because you’ve had enough and want change now.

We congratulate you! For recognising that things are not going to magically change by themselves, thus you are looking for the answers.

You are here looking for help, because you’ve had enough and don’t know who to turn to. You have tried other solutions, but they haven’t worked.

You may have tried:


Reading a book, but got lost in all the information, and it wasn’t’ quite what you were looking for.


Going to a psychologist, and realised you have been going for several months, and nothing seems to be really changing.


Searching the internet for someone whom you think will understand, but not sure where to start.


Speaking with your friends, but they don’t get you or don’t want to know.


Ignoring or putting up with the problem and hoped it will ‘work itself out’.

We have seen it all, and this is where our expertise lies, and we can help.

Relationship Counselling

Many people wish to see us on an individual basis to work through personal issues.

Not ready for counselling yet?

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Robert J. Grimes

Relationship Counsellor & Mentor (Reg. PACFA & ACRC)

Hi, I’m Robert J. I have been a counsellor and psychotherapist and been working with men and women for over 15 years. I’ve helped people from all sorts of backgrounds, having many different issues, such as depression, addictions, affairs, crisis etc.

I help people navigate their way through the hurt and trauma of their past and present, so they can heal from the inside.

As a teenager I suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts and took that pain right through three relationships. After my first marriage ended, I went on to study many different models of relationship counselling, including Imago Therapy, Emotion Focussed Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Attachment Theory, Gender Reconciliation and John Gottman.

It is my vision and mission to help create the paradigm shift in people’s thinking, by bringing men and women together in community to heal and grow.

Foxxy Eleoyze

Relationship & Self-Esteem Master Coach

Hi, I’m Foxxy. I have been working with women one-on-one and facilitating workshops and running women’s circles since 2010. I’ve helped women with many different issues from lack of confidence and self-esteem to deep seated trauma.

As a child I was subjected to abuse and was brought up in a very strict, religious environment. My journey has been to overcome extreme shyness, intense guilt and shame by undertaking extensive research and study into personal development, spirituality, energy-work and doing my own inner healing work.

I help people come back to the true essence of who they are by helping them to process and integrate unfelt (hurts and traumas) emotions that have been lodged energetically in the body.
I am an Intuitive Facilitator, Master Results Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Trainer, Energy Healer, Artistic Creator, Speaker and soon to be Author.

It is my vision and mission to help people have positive and lasting change into their life and relationships.