Robert J. Grimes

Robert J. Grimes

Hi, I’m Robert J. I have been in counselling for over 10 years, and in the last 6 years I’ve specialised helping couples using EFT – Emotionally Focused Therapy, Imago and Gottman teachings, plus my own 20+ years of wisdom and experience.

I work with the ‘couple emotional energy’ as a whole as there is a delicate balance of dynamics that play out in an intimate love relationship. What this means for you is, I don’t take sides. I see your situation as a whole and help you navigate your way through the problems and hurts that have surfaced for ‘healing and growth’ in your relationship.

I help you both, to go into each other’s world and see your situation from a different perspective, so you both can get what you need from the other. Whilst you stay at logger-heads not being able to see a way forward is soul destroying for both of you.

I commend you for being here on this website, wanting to know the answers. I help you find them.

You could leave this website, go searching elsewhere or continue to bury your head in the sand, hoping things will get better in time… Or ,you could decide now and take action to make lasting changes.

Take the first step and give us a call today…

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