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What Our Clients Say

“I would highly recommend every couple doing the Love Life Matters program if they are going through a rough patch. Before seeing Robert I felt that there was something missing from my relationship and could not figure out why. As I worked through the program including the home play, I started to become aware of the issues I needed to work on. After completing the program I can say that I have a deeper appreciation for my relationship and intend to continually work on every aspect to keep the spark alive!”Cameron B.

“Robert & Foxxy’s relationship program was a pivotal & positive turning point in my relationship with my partner David.  I found Robert skilled in creating a safe space for understanding.  He bought us back to a place of respect, harmony, communication & we feel once again bonded.  Robert opened both our eyes on behaviours & old thought patterns that had been creating a blocks in our moving forward as a loving couple. With a gentle nudge this program has now lifted the lid on secrets to implement for our success in love. Thanks Foxxy & Robert, we are appreciative!”Corina & David.

Working with Love Life Matters has helped me discover more about myself, my partner and better our relationship. Before starting with Robert & Foxxy my partner and I were having trouble communicating which caused us to have regular disagreements. It was very frustrating. Through our counselling sessions and regular homework we’ve worked mainly on ourselves which has been a big factor in improving our communication and our relationship. I can confidently say there is more love, patience and acceptance in our relationship now.”Emma P.

“Foxxy has extensive life experience, knowing and having lived her talk. She has an encouraging and positive manner.  She is accommodating to every individual and had an ability to relate to all different people.”Kerry D.