A vital part to your emotional and physical health, is cuddling.  Cuddles and touch bring nurturing to the body, mind and spirit.  To be touched and held is one of the greatest human needs.  So, what’s the importance of cuddling?

There are many reasons why cuddling can be even more intimate that sex itself. 

Sure, orgasms are great at satisfying one kind of primal instinct, but there are other things we humans crave more just than a happy ending.  It’s proven that hugs and physical contact lead to better moods and less depression, and cuddling is one big giant hug.  Plus, it’s probably true that if you’ve snuggled with someone first, you’re more likely to have that orgasm…

Cuddling can bring up vulnerability and feeling of safety at the same time.  Wrapping your arms around your partner, and holding them for a period of time, can bring up feelings of emotional connection.  Cuddling can be an opportunity to share feelings with each other in a safe space.  It can also be a powerful reminder that it is ok to ‘lean on’ someone else and not feel like we need to do everything on our own.  You can let go of your worries and your fears and just feel totally and completely safe.

Cuddling can help you sleep.  When you’re lying wrapped up in your partner’s arms, it’s natural to doze off or take a little nap.  

Cuddling has no end-agenda.  Sex, in itself can sometimes feel like a means to a very specific end.  When you cuddle, it’s just that—cuddling.  There is no rush, you don’t have to worry about timing anything right, and there’s no worrying about whether someone has an orgasm or not. There is no pressure to perform.

Cuddling is gentle.  True, there is such thing as gentle and passionate sex, and many believe the rougher and faster sex, the better…. But, with cuddling… gentle is best.  You can caress each other, run your fingers over their body and just enjoy the feeling of being together.

Cuddling is great with the intention of no time limitations.  When one person decides they have had enough, all is ok, unlike sex which may leave one feeling left out.  Cuddling can be recommenced at any time, without needing to bring back the ‘mood’.

We all have a ‘human need’ of wanting to feel safe and protected, nurtured and loved and know there is more to life than just our work and chores.  Too often, people can ‘mask’ their need for emotional connection, by over-watching TV, drinking alcohol, over-eating etc.

Do yourself and your partner a favour… Set a date, right now, to make time for an extended cuddle session…. And see what happens…

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