7 Tips To Self-Love

There is only ONE you! You deserve to be loved, not just by those around
you, but by the person who will make the biggest difference in your life…
and that is YOU!

Here’s some tips to start practicing self-care and self-love.

· Start the day by looking in the mirror and tell your reflection,
something positive, which could be as simple as: “I love you”. Do this each
day, and you will start believing it. It may seem a little difficult at
first, but it will pay off.

· Move your body, every day. Put on some music and dance or sing, or just
move in any way. Movement is the quickest way to release emotional build up
in the body.

· Surround yourself by people who lift you up. Consider the 5 people who
are closest to and hang around… chances are very high that your life is
similar to theirs. If you don’t like your life… then change whom you hang

· Be mindful of how you think. Observe the self-judgement and comparison to
others. You are unique and beautiful just as you are. Your mistakes, your
boo-boos are all part of the learning.

· Follow your bliss. You know what lights you up, what makes your heart
sing. Do more of that.

· Learn to receive whole-heartedly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, as
this actually helps them too. If someone offers a compliment, or help… say
YES thank you.

· It’s ok to feel ALL of you emotions. The emphasis is on FEEL. So if you
are angry, allow yourself to be with it, but be careful not to project it.
Enquire into it, as it is telling you something is out of balance. Same
thing applies, if you feel happy… don’t be afraid to be with your

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