Two essential things that make a healthy and empowered relationship is respect and responsibility.
Firstly, respect is valuing and accepting each other’s opinions, needs and desires. You don’t feel pressured to change yourself in any way and have the freedom to express yourself in the way it feels right to you. For example, you want to dress up or just wear comfy clothes when going out to dinner or a party, your actions are respected, and not criticised.
Speaking to each other in a soft or normal voice volume and tonality shows respect. You feel perfectly at ease to say ‘no’ when you want to. You feel at ease to express your thoughts and feelings honestly, without the fear of possible upset reaction from your partner.
If you choose to pursue an activity on your own, then you don’t feel restricted in any way to follow your heart. In fact, you will feel encouraged by your partner. Other times you know how to have fun together and have things in common that you enjoy, and at the same time, not putting pressure on the other to do things they don’t want to do.
You can make your own decisions, without having to consult your partner on every little thing. You support each other with each other’s pursuits, and you also know how to make compromises when appropriate.
You take time to listen to your partner and you acknowledge each other. Giving reassurance goes a long way to showing your partner you value them, and they value you. Giving each other personal space when needed, creates a closer connection.
The second is closely linked to respect, and that is responsibility. Self-responsibility for your own actions, words and most of all, your feelings.
Responsibility is for you to own what is yours, and your partner does the same. Sometimes this is not easy to do, as it takes practice to learn what is yours in your relationship. If misunderstandings or miscommunication arises, name it for what is, there and then. If emotions rise up, then ‘nip them in the bud’ by taking ‘time-out’ to reset and acknowledge what is happening between you.
For those miscommunicated words or actions that may slip past and leaving things a little unresolved, have a safety-net to do a ‘check-in’ ritual, periodically. Coming back at the agreed time and listening to each other creates a closer connection. This way you can always feel safe and able to develop stronger trust and love for each other, especially as time goes on.
Even in a healthy relationship you will come across disagreements and arguments. Conflict is normal and can help you learn more about each another. Admitting mistakes can feel awkward and feel a little unpleasant at the time, but the payoff is great. It is very important to deal with problems as they arise as soon as you can.
It is how you manage your differences is what makes all the difference, in maintaining a healthy and empowered relationship.
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